BJJ Strength Seminar – July 20, 2019 Increase Power. Prevent Injuries. Smash Opponents.

Partner Rotation

“When technical ability is similar, the stronger, better conditioned athlete will win.”                                                                                                                        – Arlo Gagestein

We all know that technique beats strength. That is why many people begin BJJ in the first place. However, we’ve all also likely been crushed under a big, strong lower level guy while waiting for the right time for technique to turn the tables. You know, the guys you have no doubt you’ll submit, but you will probably feel like a train wreck tomorrow? Oh, and those big, strong guys with 8-10 years of Jiu-Jitsu under their belts? Nightmares.

How would you like to be the one stepping onto the mat with the strength advantage?

From 9am-1pm on Saturday, July 20, Competitive Edge Fitness and Super Human Performance join forces as performance specialists Arlo Gagestein and Brandon Talbot present their Jiu-Jitsu specific strength training seminar at Competitive Edge in Ogden, UT. This will be a hands-on seminar covering among other things:

1) Weight Training for BJJ

2) Partner Strength Drills

3) Lift-Jitsu

4) Grip Training

5) Recovery and Injury Prevention

The Lair

Besides being long-time accomplished strength coaches, Arlo and Brandon are both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belts with years of training and competition experience. They are excited to bring you both conventional and unconventional training strategies that will revolutionize the way you train!

Contact Arlo Gagestein for more details and to register: 801-920-4106

Summit and Submit II – The Events


Summit and Submit II is rapidly approaching. In addition to grappling, there will also be other events that will count for points toward becoming tournament champion. Most events will be scored 3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd place. At the end of the weekend, the person with the most points wins! Here are the events:

Mat Carry – Most carries over 10 miles scores 3 points, second scores 2, 3rd scores 1 point.

*Barbell Carry – Most carries scores 6 points, 2nd scores 4, and 3rd scores 2 points.

*Jiu-Jitsu Tournament – 1st place scores 6 points, 2nd scores 4, and 3rd scores 2 points.

Spinning 65 lb. Barbell Throw – Furthest scores 3 points, 2nd scores 2, 3rd scores 1 point.

Freestyle 45 lb. Barbell Throw – Furthest scores 3 points, 2nd scores 2, 3rd scores 1 point.

Barbell Man Crank – Fastest time for 1 round (24 squat, 24 lunges, 24 split squat jumps, 24 squat jumps) scores 3 points, 2nd scores 2, 3rd scores 1 point.

Backpack Push-up – Most reps scores 3 points, 2nd scores 2,  and 3rd scores 1 point

*These two events will be the hardest of the weekend, so are worth double points.

Bonus Points – 10 pound weight plate carry (the entire distance) scores 2 bonus points, heaviest backpack at truck scores 2 bonus points. In both instances, if someone has to carry some of your load on the way back, you lose the bonus points.

There you have it! Remember to let me know ASAP if you are planning to come so that we can be planning!

Summit and Submit II


Summit and Submit II is rapidly approaching! We have decided on the third weekend of August to return to King’s Peak in the High Uintahs. This year’s trip will be a 3-day trip rather than a 2-day; likely Friday, Saturday, Sunday as the sooner we get there, the easier it will be to find tent and tournament sites. Saturday, Sunday, Monday is also an option, but again may limit our location choice. We will likely go with whatever works for the most competitors. We will decide within the week, so give us your input ASAP!

Like last year, we will be hiking 10-13 miles each direction carrying mats, backpacks, and a few other assorted goodies that we will use for challenges throughout the weekend. Remember, this is a combination grappling/strongman/endurance event (all at altitude), so don’t skip out because you think you’ll get destroyed on the mat. Even if you have no intentions of trying to win, Summit and Submit is a life-changing adventure, so come anyway! That being said, it may also be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, so don’t take it lightly. Start preparing immediately! We will also have a complete list of challenges posted within the week, so you will know what to work on.

We are just over a month out, so start planning now! This year’s event promises to be much bigger than last year, and every bit as epic!




Kneebar from Back Control with Arlo Gagestein

The Arlock is by far my favorite submission. 9 out of 10 times, when I beat someone better than I am, this is how I do it. I’m constantly trying to figure out weird ways to submit people when and where they aren’t expecting it, and this kneebar does exactly that. So, take the back, relax, and surprise some people this week!