Submission Naming Contest!

We need your help! Arlo came up with this ankle lock and we have no idea what to call it! Post your ideas here or on our Facebook page and we will decide a winner next Thursday! Winner will receive a PDF version of Arlo’s book Warrior Core: Core Training Secrets for Modern Combat Athlete (, and a Jiu-Jitsu Advantage window sticker! Watch this video and submit your ideas!


Kimura Control Series with Jake South



If you have trained or competed in Utah very long in Utah, you’ve likely been submitted by Jake South via some form of this slick Kimura series. With every version, you feel completely safe until you are suddenly and unexpectedly swept into danger of a simultaneous reverse triangle, armbar, and body crusher. I can drill this 45 minutes with Jake, know it is exactly what he’s chosen to submit me with for the day, and Jake will still get me with this series 10 times out of 10.

Jake is a super technical 4-stripe brown belt at Unified Jiu-Jitsu in South Jordan, Ut. Thanks for your help Jake!

Jake’s last MMA opponent knows all too well how effective this series is!

Kneebar from Back Control with Arlo Gagestein

The Arlock is by far my favorite submission. 9 out of 10 times, when I beat someone better than I am, this is how I do it. I’m constantly trying to figure out weird ways to submit people when and where they aren’t expecting it, and this kneebar does exactly that. So, take the back, relax, and surprise some people this week!

Choke Holds and Trust

Post Written by Jeff Moore, ‘The Ginja Ninja’

The sensation I experience right before blacking out to a choke hold is hard to describe to somebody that hasn’t been there. It’s a curious mix between rushed panic and detached serenity. I like to imagine my body’s survival instinct is dumping its last vestiges of adrenaline to keeping me conscious while simultaneously releasing a merciful cocktail of endorphins to calm me in my final moments of impending doom.

Having consciousness, life, stripped from me at the hands of another person isn’t desirable! I try to avoid it at all costs. My survival instinct tells me to do exactly that, as the consequences of being choked unconscious can be dire. Yet, I willingly subject myself to exactly that several times per week while training jiujitsu.

I willingly risk life and limb every time I step on the mat. To me, however, there’s really no risk. I trust my training partners. I have to! From day one, in jiujitsu, I had to find a way to be okay with the idea that the guy I’m competing against could easily cause catastrophic joint damage, choke me unconscious, or even potentially kill me. But, I know the guys I train with aren’t going to do this. In fact, this wasn’t really even that much of a hurdle to get over from day one. By and large, the culture of jiujitsu is a kind, easy going, open, friendly one. That culture attracts kind, easy going, open, friendly people. People that are easy to trust.

Jiujitsu builds strong friendships through accelerated trust. It’s the jiujitsu habitus.

Ninja Sweeps by Sophia Drysdale

Want to learn how to seamlessly transition from X-Guard sweep to Ankle Lock? Let Gi World Champion, 4x Pan Am Champion and 2x No Gi World Champion, Sophia Drysdale, show you how!!

Interested in more great techniques from Sophia? We will be adding 4 more of her techniques to our Ninja Secrets Vault this week!